A One-Year Photo Journey

Day One

Today I begin.

Today I begin a new year of life; my 34th.

It’s also the day I begin a new journey.

Have you seen Julie & Julia, the movie about the blogger who makes one of Julia Child’s recipes every day for a year? This is kind of like that.

But I’m not doing any cooking.

I decided that every day for one year, starting and ending on my birthday, I would take a photograph. Just one. And I would post that photo on this blog.

I might take it with my dSLR or my iPhone. I might include commentary or not.

The photos may be insightful or silly or serious or crazy. They might be blurry or crisp, well-lit or hard-to-see. You might see some photos of my kids, my pets, or something totally random.

But come what may, I will take and post a photo every day.

And you will discover what makes me click.


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