A One-Year Photo Journey

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Day 362

Somehow there were only 362 days in this year. It couldn’t possibly be that I miscounted my days somewhere along the way.

Yes, this is it; the last day of my one-year photo journey. Toward the end, my posting was less consistent. I could have challenged myself more to search for a shot for every day. I find, though, that guilt is not a great motivator for me. So I allowed myself some days where I didn’t post, and that’s ok. Overall, it was a fun journey, and I’ll probably print out the pages and make them into an album. I may still pop in now and then to post a picture. Who knows, I may do the whole project again another year. But for now, this is…..



Day 360

And here you see what happens when you leave the lid off of the rolie polie jar so they can “get some air” and forget to put it back on overnight.

Day 358

Happy 6th Birthday to my toothless boy!

Day 355

As they say in the desert, “It’s a dry heat.”

Day 354

First day of Kindergarten and 3rd Grade; such handsome boys I’ve got!

Day 350

It takes a pretty tiny “dog” to make a 12-pounder (on the left) look large.

Day 346

Who has a cuter niece than I do? No one, that’s who!